Jun 5, 2015

8 Stunning Gold Vaddanam Designs

Check out the 8 most beautiful vaddanam designs in 22 karat gold. Any traditional grand attire is incomplete without a perfect vaddanam. Here are the top designs of gold waist belts or vaddanams to choose from which are a true feast to eyes.

1. Most stunning and unique design with a traditional touch. The antique gold flat belt type vaddanam with intricate design is adorned with Lakshmi center piece and decorated with polkis, rubies and pearl drops.
stunning latest vaddanam design

2. Red polish highlighted antique gold 22 karat vaddanam in a simple and stylish design with Lakshmi center piece. Studded with few polki diamonds and rubies to enhance its beauty.
antique gold designer vaddanam

3. This ashta lakshmi vaddanam is the most preferable wedding design these days with a rich craftsmanship complimented with uncut diamond work on top and bottom of the vaddanam with pearl drops
ashta lakshmi vaddanam with polkis

4. This grand vaddanam design is a perfect choice for those who prefer a complete traditional look. The nakshi work pure gold ashta lakshmi vaddanam has no stones studded in it
nakshi work gold vaddanam

5. The peacock design vaddanam with Lakshmi design in the center studded with spinal rubies and golden south sea pearl drops
peacock design gold vaddanam

6. Designer fancy grand vaddanam design with uncut diamonds, rubies and a large emerald in the center with pearl drops is a contemporary piece to flaunt stylishly.
polki work designer vaddanam

7. Divine temple jewellery inspired vaddanam highlighted with floral design polki diamonds, rhodium black polished uncut diamonds, rubies and pearls. 
temple jewellery design vaddanam

8. Nakshi vaddanam in combination with uncut diamonds highlighting the ornamental lining of the divine figures.
uncut diamond nakshi vaddanam

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