Jun 28, 2013

Traditional Indian Thalai saman/Head jewellery in 22 karat gold

Thalai saman, the ornaments worn on the head.
The Surya Bottu and the Chandra Bottu crafted in traditional South Indian Style in 22k gold.
The sun motif in Hindu mythology represents the male strength and the crescent moon represents the mother goddess, Shakti of the female energy.
The rare dome shaped piece is called the Konde Billa, which is an ornament adds as a decoration to the hairstyle.

The Surya Bottu has a central emerald around which a rosette style motif alternates between a row of Burmese cabochon rubies, Benaras cut Diamonds and an outer frame of pearls.
The Chandra Bottu crafted with pearls at the tips.
Thailaikuchuchu is a three part headed jewellery framing the face at the hairline, one part extending tot hte centre of the head, in the centre parting of the hair.  A pendant dangles delicately from this point. It is a part of Thalai saman worn to ward off any negatice thoughts that were directed at the wearer.

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